Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Remembering Johnnie

Johnnie Cochran died yesterday. It really threw me off. It was totaly unexpected. This loss to us will be like the loss of Johnny CARSON to mainstream America. While he became famous for getting Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and, most notably, OJ Simpson off on cases where they all clearly should've been convicted, what a lot of people didn't know is that Cochran got more satisfaction from helping the (as he said it) No J's. In his law office, he had checks framed that he'd won from the LAPD in cases on behalf of African-American families that had been victimized by them for decades. And that's what it's all about: using our talents with which we've been blessed and using them to bless our communities. Hopefully, we can all take something from the life that Brother Cochran lived. Rest in peace, Johnnie.
Nostalgia is by far the best way to pass time. I did (started on, at least) some Spring cleaning yesterday. I couldn't finish because I kept finding stuff that reminded me of events in my life. Anything from a photo to a t-shirt can make you remember exactly where you were on that day. Nostalgia...there's nothing like it. :-)
I encourage anyone who has seen a movie that is based on a novel to go and read the novel. The books are always better than the movies, because in the movie, the characters are forced upon you. On the other hand, when you read the book, that powerful tool that is your mind/imagination can create and recreate any character in the way that best fits you.
If minimum wage would increase every time gas prices did, we'd be alright. Also, since my life expectancy as a Black male in America is decreasing daily according to certain "studies", I'll never see my Social Security money; especially since they keep raising the age you have to be in order to receive it. So if anyone in government can hear me, "Stop taking it out of my check. Give me ME!! And if you'd be so kind, I need to see a check for all the SS that you've taken out of my checks to date"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

America's focus misplaced

3/24/05 Random Thought of the Day
Why is America's focus so easily put on the wrong thing. Right now, Congress and the White House are knee deep in talk about Terry Schiavo and steroids in sports. People are dying EVERYDAY in Iraq over some stuff that doesn't even concern us. The woman who accused Pres. Bush of a sexual crime was found strangled to death in her home. (Some of you probably didn't even hear about the accusation, itself). That's just the point. America's turning into a blatant resthaven for selective censorship and an even bigger propoganda machine. We, especially as young Americans, have to start thinking for ourselves, and reading between the lines of all this crap that the popular media feeds us.

3/24/05 Random Thought of the Day #2
Often times, we get caught up in the lives of celebrities. Certain ones we watch fall and enjoy every step of the way down with them. But I want to give kudos to Whitney Houston for checking herself back into rehab. Whatever it takes. Whitney is blessed with something that not many others can lay claim to. No voice class can give you what she has. Her voice was a gift from Heaven. Apparently, Alicia Keyes has written a duet specifically for Whitney & herself that's supposed to be on Alicia's next album. Here's hoping all goes well this time. Whatever it takes.

3/24/05 Quote of the Day
"Slavery is very comfortable, and freedom is where the work is at. Most people prefer slavery." -- KRS-1 (In a 2004 interview with Tavis Smiley)