Saturday, February 28, 2009

6 Strangest Objects People Caught Sexing

Ladies of the world. I gosh, man. C'mon. No man should be reduced to this kind of thing. Fellas, step your game up so you won't be reduced to it. Here's a list of the 6 strangest things that have taken the place of a partner. Ridiculous.

6. A picnic table. No joke. More than one time. How do we know? His neighbor taped it 4 times.

5. Street signs. do you do that??

4. Bicycles. I don't even see how.

3. A lamp post. I have the same questions you do.

2. A metal park bench. Now this poor fellow...he almost lost his junk when it got stuck in the bench. Don't believe me? Check the footage.

1. Cars. Wow. Apparently, this is a medical condition of people who are called mechaniphiliacs. Wow..just wow.

There is absolutely a moral to this story. If you figure out what it is let me know. Wow.


15 Craziest College Courses

Being an engineering grad, I didn't get to take any of these. And that may be a good thing. Check it.

15. Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular ‘Logic’ on TV Judge Shows (Cal-Berkeley)

14. Underwater Basket Weaving (Cal-San Diego)

13. Learning from YouTube (Pitzer College)

12. Philosophy and Star Trek (Georgetown)

11. The Art of Walking (Centre College) I think I could pass that one

10. Daytime Serials: Family and Social Roles (U. of Wisconsin) A class about soaps? I know a lot of housewives who'd ace this one.

9. Joy of Garbage (Santa Clara U.)

8. The Science of Superheroes (Cal at Irvine)

7. Zombies in Popular Media (Columbia College, Chicago)

6. The Science of Harry Potter (Frostburg St. Univ.)

5. Cyberporn and Society (SUNY-Buffalo) At one point in my life I could've taught this one.

4. Simpsons and Philosophy (Cal-Berkeley) One of my favorite shows of all time. I could definitely get a A in this one.

3. Far Side Entomology (Oregon St.) Yeah. based on the comic strip.

2. Myth and Science Fiction: Star Wars, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings (Centre College)

1. The Strategy of StarCraft (Cal-Berkeley)

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Really?! Really?? Says here that a Sherriff is wanting to serve an 80 year old warrant. No...not a warrant to an 80 year old. A warrant that is 80 years old. And what's the warrant for you ask? Writing a bad check for $30. Man it probably costs more money to print out the warrant! And the craziest part of this whole thing is that they don't even know if the man is alive. There go your tax dollars at work.

Hate to say I told you so, but...

I told you so...according to various reports, Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together again. **ssiiiiiiiiigh**....they both should just let it go. It'll be best for both of them in the end. But's not my life. I wish them the best.

From People Magazine:

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered
the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE."They're together again.
They care for each other," says the source. The on-again couple are currently
spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes.Adds the source:
"While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy
to be with the woman he loves."

From US Magazine:

The couple is staying together at a house owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs on Star
Island near Miami, Florida. Brown has been seen smiling, riding a jet ski, and
flexing his arm muscles. Rihanna arrived four days ago, according to a source.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Just Isn't Fair Sometimes

There was a story a couple weeks back about a guy, Dr. Richard Batista, who had given his wife a kidney, a 2nd chance at life if you will. And what did she do in return? Left him for another man. So Dr. Batista, like any rational person, asked for his kidney back. Surely her new man would let her borrow his. it turns out, that's not gonna happen according to the judge in the case. And that's too bad.

But on the bright side, since the kidney is considered a gift, that's just less dough that he'll have to shell out once the divorce is final.

Need Money Ladies?

Another sign that this economy is beginning to take its toll on almost everyone. Says here that women are now more frequently selling their eggs. Apparently the eggs can sell for upwards of $10K. Yes...$10,000!!!

And fellas, before you get your hopes up, it seems as if those in the medical field don't think that highly of us. Check it:

Not as much money is on offer for men looking to donate sperm. Several sperm banks in New York City, where men are paid about $60 each time they donate, said there had not been a rise in donors.

What is THAT all about?!?!

NFL Free Agent Frenzy (Day 1)

- So here we reported in this very space a couple days ago, Albert Haynesworth has landed in Washington.
-Remaining with the team is Cornerback D'Angelo Hall.

-Bart Scott has been offered a boat-load of money to come to the Jets, but Scott is giving the Ravens a chance to match that offer.
-To bolster their defensive backfield, the Ravens have signed CB Dominique Foxxworth.
-And it seems like as though talks are breaking down with the Ravens and Ray Lewis. Hopefully that works itself out. There have been various reports on Ray's stance. Some have said that if the Ravens sign Bart Scott, there's no way they're able to sign Ray. Some have said that Ray was upset that Bart was visiting with the Jets. Others have said that the Ravens were desperate to sign Ray back. Who knows what's gonna happen?!

- Tight End Kellen Winslow has been traded from Cleveland to Tampa Bay for undisclosed draft picks.
- The Chiefs have acquired LB Mike Vrabel from the Pats via trade.

- If there was any question as to what type of offense the 49ers will run next year, the first signing in the free agent market was FB Moran Norris. So regardless of who's the QB in Frisco next year, the offense will be 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Let's hope that works out.
- Like they did with veteran safety John Lynch before, the Broncos have bolstered their defensive backfield with veteran talent and leadership by signing former Eagle Brian Dawkins.
- The Broncos just added another safety. Former Dolphin Renaldo Hill.
- They're also bolstering their wide receiving corp, reuniting with Head Coach Josh McDaniels is former Pats receiver Jabbar Gaffney.
- Houston has agreed to terms with tight end Joel Dreessen.

- I thought the feeding frenzy would be crazy for WR TJ Houshmandzadeh's services. But as it turns out, there's not. His top 4 teams right now are Seattle, Minnesota, Philly, and the NY Giants.
- Free agent Safety Chris Crocker has re-signed with the Bengals.
- In the WHAT ARE THEY THINKING category, the Vikings have brought in QB Sage Rosenfels.
- I'm sure Sage will just be glad to play for someone, but it won't be easy, even with just turning around handing it off to AP. Long time Center Matt Birk is a free agent and has decided to explore his options.

- RB Fred Taylor found a new home in New England.
- And the Pats added former Jet TE Chris Baker to the fold too.
- Also, if you needed any more indication that the Pats are gonna take Ohio St. LB James Laurinaitis, here's even more: LB Mike Vrabel is currently in Kansas City taking a physical. If he passes it, he'll be traded to the Chiefs.
- UPDATE: Vrabel confirmed...traded to the Chiefs.

- The Chicago Bears planned to make offensive line a priority this offseason, and have landed their first lineman. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the team has signed former Panthers tackle Frank Omiyale to a four-year deal.
- According to, the Steelers re-signed OG Chris Kemoeatu to a five-year deal worth $20 million.
- WR Nate Washington is currently in Detroit visiting the Lions and many insiders say that they'd be surprised if he left there without signing a contract.
- The Titans have announced that CB Vincent Fuller has signed a contract to remain with the team.
- The Titans and QB Kerry Collins are close on a deal. UPDATE: It's a done deal. Kerry signed with the Titans through 2 more years.
- Jonathan Vilma will remain with the Saints.

Keep checking back for updates.

Best News I've Heard All Day

Eddie Murphy to Star in Richard Pryor Biopic

Apparently Ed's going to star as Richard Pryor in the latter's biopic, Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?. That sounds like a winner to me!


Use Condoms, Grandpa!

This story messed me up big time. But I'm gonna post it in its entirety and give you the source at the end of it. Because if you're anything like me, you won't believe it.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- A Riverside County jury has awarded nearly $7 million to a 56-year-old woman who was unknowingly infected with herpes by a 77-year-old man, the woman's lawyer claimed.Attorney Shaun Murphy, who represented the plaintiff, said the defendant knew he had genital herpes -- for more than 25 years -- but did not say anything about it before having unprotected sex with the woman young enough to be his retirement-age daughter.

Murphy wouldn't release the name of the woman because of nature of the case. He also refused to name the defendant, whose lawyer Robert Frisbee did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Murphy said his client was awarded $4 million in compensatory damages on Jan. 27 and $2.75 million in punitive damages as a result of the lawsuit filed in Riverside County Superior Court.

The woman was allegedly denied health insurance after contracting herpes, which is incurable.

UPDATE..: .the hilarity ensues. Check this video that they use to teach safe sex to the elderly.


UPDATE: Here We Go Again

So the mayor has quit. Don't know if an off-color joke was reason enough to throw away your political career, especially in this economy. But hey...better him than me.

And that boys & girls is reason #2349 to STOP FORWARDING EMAILS. I hate forwarded emails.

Put the Poster Board Away

So this pic is making the rounds on the internet. Apparently someone snapped this outside a Barnes & Noble store and the email is calling for a boycott of Barnes & Noble. Some things are genuine and some aren't. So let's take a step back and not be so ready to march about everything. It is NOT too far fetched to figure that a customer or a rogue/disgruntled/horrible employee did it. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Barnes & Noble or any of their affiliates would sanction something like this.

He Liked It, So He Put a Ring On It

Okay guys, bury the hate. The Golden Boy's done VERY WELL for himself. He went ahead and jumped the broom with his long time ol' lady, Gisele Bundchen. Good for you, Tom.

Go. Go. It's Your Birthday

Devin Harris, NBA, NJ Nets (26)

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill & Hillary (29)

Bobby Valentino, Singer (29)

Tony Gonzalez, NFL, KC Chiefs (33)

Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas, of TLC, Singer (38)

Matt Stairs, MLB, Phillies (41)

James Worthy, NBA, retired (48)

Ralph Nader, Consumer Activist (75)

Elizabeth Taylor, Actress/Icon (77)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't Believe the Hype

Other than college football recruiting, I think the NFL Combine is by far the most overhyped event in all of sports. I have several reasons, but here are a few:

1. So much stock is placed on the 40 yard dash which I think is absolutely absurd. Put me on a track right now and I'd be lucky to run a 4.7. Put a Rotweiller behind me and see if I don't burn your clock up. Track speed is different than football speed.

2. Jerry Rice ran a 4.59 and nobody (except the Niners, Cowboys, and Jets) wanted him, and he turned out ok. Vernon Davis tore up the combines and got himself picked at #5. On the field, the only thing he's done of significance is get kicked OFF the field.

3. Tony Mandarich..this guy in the picture is a prime example. Read his Wikipedia page to see what I mean.


You Already Know the Name

So They Say...

Top 10 Reasons Men Don't Want Sex. From Web MD. Now I've read these and the reasons for them, and I agree with some and others I disagree with...check it and voice your opinion..

10. Medications. Antidepressants (SSRI-type) and antihypertensives (blood pressure medication) are often the culprit when a man has a lowered interest in sexual activity. These can also cause sexual dysfunction.

9. Lack of sleep. When a man is in his teens or twenties, the opportunity to have sex will often overwhelm the desire to sleep. This is often true also when a relationship is brand new. But, as people and relationships age, sex can lose its compelling nature and a good night’s rest can be quite tempting.

8. Hormonal levels. The most important physiological stimulant of sexual desire is testosterone. Many men are mistakenly sent to have a blood test for total testosterone when low libido is the issue. While that information might be interesting to know to have a full picture of a man’s hormonal levels, knowing the free testosterone level is much more relevant to how much sex he desires. Also, too much prolactin and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) can suppress sexual desire. So when a hormonal reason is suspected, these are the blood tests to have (in order of importance): free testosterone, prolactin, SHBG, and total testosterone.

7. Identity issues. When men feel uncertain about their role in the world, their desire for sex can dwindle. Depression may be linked to this, but isn’t always. Identity issues can crop up when: he has issues at work or is out of work, faces the death of an important family member, becomes disheartened about a formerly held strong belief, and questions his understanding of his own sexual orientation — to name a few.

6. Turn-off to aspects of the sex. Some men will turn away from sex rather than have sex that is not fulfilling to them. Lack of fulfillment can be related to specific things that his partner does during sex or how he experiences his partner’s body. He may feel criticized or treated unfairly. It may just seem like too much “work.” He may have sexual interests that he knows or fears his partner may not share.

5. Disagreements with one’s mate. When there are interpersonal difficulties between the members of a couple, many men will avoid sex or just plain refuse their partner’s advances. Some men punish their partner by withholding sex, but for others it’s not a matter of punishment, they just cannot muster sexual feelings when there are unresolved conflicts.

4. Stress. Stress comes in many forms and may stem from: financial difficulties, personal or family member illness, challenges at work, parenting dilemmas, and issues involving extended family members. Of course, there are many more sources of stress.

3. Masturbation that replaces partnered sex. This is a hot topic since the advent of the Internet. It seems to some researchers in this field that many men who might not have sought out other sources of visual sexual stimulation (magazines, videos, movies) have found their way to locate sexual imagery online. For some couples, this can be a dilemma, particularly when the viewing of the images leads to masturbation, that then leads to less partnered sex. Less partnered sex feels like a blessing to some, but to others it is a frustrating and disappointing outcome.

2. Fear of intimacy. Some men have relationships with their romantic partner that resemble that of siblings. The contact that they experience in their relationship takes the intimacy level up so high that adding sexual intimacy on top of that feels like an overload. Though it may be difficult to imagine that a person could have too much intimacy, it is the hunch of many sex experts today that this is a very common cause of declining sexual frequency in couples.

1. Difficulties functioning sexually. Many men who have an erection dysfunction or believe that they ejaculate too soon — or too late (if at all), will avoid having sex with their partner. Rather than face what feels like another experience of “failure” in our performance-obssessed culture, these men choose to avoid being sexual at all.


Great news for any NFL team that needs a QB...that's means YOU 49ERS!! Make it happen already!!. Says here that Mike Vick has been cleared for release!

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Now...that should clear everything up.

Sounds fair enough

Photo & Story courtesy of Rhymes With Snitch

So some time ago, the boy Clifford Harris was in court with the mother two of his children. She wanted him to up his child support from $3K/month to $10K/month, which I personally thought was utterly ridiculous. As it turns out, the judge in the case found a happy medium. She met her halfway. She'll get $5K/month. Sounds fair.

Picture of the Day

Talk about capitalizing

Here We Go Again

Really? You didn't think this would be offensive, Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose? Wow...I thought we wanted to move forward.

Stanford Lays off 21 from Athletic Department

Stanford has/had one of the biggest athletic departments in the country. I'm not sure how many sports are sanctioned there, but some of them could probably survive as club teams. Just a suggestion..either's the link.

Big Ten (or 11) Updates Tie Breaker Rule

Check the link here.
The BCS formula is now taken into account for their tie breaker.

It's amazing to me how much NCAA football is willing to make changes reactionary to what happened the previous year; especially when the obvious answer is (and has been) a playoff.

Great News Fantasy Football Owners

If any of you were like me and got screwed on the first game of the season with Brady going down, good news for next season. My main man, Dr. James Andrews, says that Brady should see "excellent results". For my fantasy team's sake, I'm hoping the good doctor is right.

Go. Go. It's Your Birthday

Kertus Davis, NASCAR (27)
Steve Blake, NBA, Portland TrailBlazers (29)
Corinne Bailey Rae, Singer (30)
Josh Towers, MLB, Washington Nationals (31)
Marshall Faulk, NFL, retired (35)
Erykah Badu, Singer (38)
J.T. Snow, MLB, retired (40)
Rolando Blackman, NBA, retired (50)
Michael Bolton, Singer/thief (56)
Bill Duke, Actor & Director (65)
Fats Domino, Singer (81)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Did It Come to THIS? (Morgan Freeman Update)

Updating the Morgan Freeman mistress situation, as it turns out she DID expose him (somewhat). She claims that he was drinking kinda heavy right before the accident. That's tough.
But why do this? Why now? My guess (and this is purely speculative) is that she was asking my man to help out with some (if not all) of her medical bills. And he let her know that he couldn't because his now ex-wife is sticking him for his paper something serious. And that she's at least threatened to come forth with this before. She felt like he wasn't taking her seriously, so now it's come to this. Man...gotta be a better way to do a shakedown.

I Think I Can Live Off $8.8 million per

One of the many reasons I'm an NFL Stan is because of stuff like this. At USA Today reports:
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has voluntarily taken a cut of 20 to 25 percent from the $11 million salary and bonuses he was to receive in the 2008 fiscal year, which ends March 31.

Now roughly $8.8 million isn't what it used to be. But I think I can feed my family and I might be able to pay the mortgage with it. And who knows? I may even still have a little bit left over to take my daughter out for ice cream.

Just Because...

End of an Era in Tampa...Almost

First Dungy...then Sapp...then Lynch...then Dunn...then Dunn again...and DERRICK BROOKS. According to, Brooks & Dunn (no pun intended...really) are among a number of players in the 30+ age range that the Bucs are letting go in an apparent wholesale youth movement. It may pay off in a few years, but in the meantime, get comfy at the bottom of the NFC South Tampa Bay Fans.
Now for the almost part: the one guy whose name you won't see on the list of those getting cut is Ronde Barber. I guess it helps that Raheem Morris was his position coach last year. Either way, Barber will remain the one constant from those exciting Bucs teams of the late 90s-early 2000s. For the Bucs fans' sake, hopefully the brass in Tampa know what they're doing.

What What? In the Butt?

So apparently Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman, was propositioned to make a pornographic film. I didn't read far enough to see if she accepted or not...but she has to keep in mind that she's someone's mother...actually 14 people's mother...and $1 million isn't what it used to be...but on the other this economy.....

This Was NOT on the Bucket List

The hits just keep on coming for Morgan Freeman. Apparently, the lady who was with him in the car when he had the horrific accident last year is going to "sue and expose". **shaking my head** TRIFLING. The moral of this story: Keep it at home...or at least let your wife know.


Great article right here by SI's Tom Verducci regarding Carlos Delgado. It's particularly interesting to me since I've been debating the past couple of days with friends on the guys who are eligible for the Baseball HoF who aren't in, but SHOULD be in. Delgado's numbers are impressive. As you'll find in Verducci's article, his HR total from the span of 1996-2003, he's tied in 9th place in HRs with Ken Griffey, Jr. with 292.
Says Verducci:
This season, be it anything close to ordinary for him, Delgado will become only the 11th player in baseball history with 500 home runs, 500 doubles and 1,500 RBIs. It is a club with no back door. The others: Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Griffey, Ramirez, Palmeiro and Bonds.

That's pretty elite company. So is Carlos a HoF player?

Outkicking Your Coverage

Sometimes the picture just speaks for itself...but here's the story if you need it. Marko Jaric somehow lucked up on Victoria's Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima.

So here's to you Marko! You've done VERY well for yourself. Today all men salute you for taking your career average of 7.8 ppg, 3.9 apg, and 2.9 rpg and bagged a SUPERMODEL. Great job!!

Other people of note who have outkicked their coverage: Seal, Jay-Z. If you can think of more, GET AT ME!

Let Him Play! Let Him Play! Let Him....

Says here...that Frank Beamer will support Mike Vick's efforts to re-instated to the NFL.
During his speech, Beamer talked about a few of the lessons he’s learned in his life, including the value of a positive attitude, maturity, and the fact that a person’s life can change in a split second.

In keeping with this message, Beamer said he would support former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick in his efforts to get re-instated with the National Football League. Vick, who played at Tech before he went to Atlanta, was suspended from the NFL in 2007 after he was charged with running a dog-fighting ring out of his Surry County, Va., home. Vick, 28 of Newport News, Va., pleaded guilty to the charges in November 2007 and was sentenced to spend 23 months in federal prison.

“[Michael Vick’s] sorry for what he’s done and realized he’s made a mistake,” Beamer said.

Letting Vick play football again, Beamer said, would give the former quarterback a chance to show the world how it’s possible for a person to redeem themselves after they’ve made a mistake.

Here Here. I agree with you Frank. And I'll support him too, especially since my Niners have dilusions that Shaun Smith can somehow get us back to relevance in the league. Beyond that though, I always have and always will feel like this entire thing with Vick was a complete witch-hunt and absolutely ridiculous. I see dead dogs on the side of the road on the way to work every day. Where's the outrage? Let that man resume his career. He's done (well almost completely done) his time, and when he gets out, he should have the right to be able to earn a living just like anyone else.

Go. Go. It's Your Birthday

Joakim Noah, NBA, Chicago Bulls (24)
Josh Wolff, MLS, KC Wizards (32)
Don Majkowski, NFL, GB Packers (Favre predecessor) retired (45)
Paul O'Neill, MLB, Reds/Yankees (46)
Todd Blackledge, NCAA Football Announcer, former player (48)
Kurt Rambis, NBA retired, Lakers, current Asst. coach (51)
Lee Evans, Track & Field Olympian of 1968 Olympics fame, 400m Gold Medalist (62)
Billy Packer, CBS NCAA Basketball Color Man (69)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stay In School!!!

For the girls in this video as well as the video people for this news station, STAY IN SCHOOL. The story itself is an absolute travesty. Where are the parents in this? But as far as the title above the two girls' mugshots, somebody's gotta hit the spell check before they put this stuff on!

Don't Do It Ray!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge 49er fan. However, I'm also a fan of football in general. That being said, it breaks my heart that Marvin won't be in Indy any longer. Even more than that, there are talks about Ray Lewis bolting in free agency to Dallas. Ray...don't forget this.

The difference with Marvin leaving Indy and Ray leaving Baltimore is that Marvin is NOT the face of the franchise. Manning is. Furthermore, you can go back as far as Johnny U. as the face of the franchise from an historical perspective. But if Ray leaves, he essentially rips away the identity of the Baltimore Ravens. I know the Ravens have a part in it too. But as I said, if Ray leaves, the identity of that team leaves with him, despite how great Ed Reed is, despite how good Hiloti Ngata is. The other backers around him have all looked great while there (Jamie Sharper, Peter Boulware, Ed Hartwell, Adalius Thomas, Jarret Johnson, Terrell Suggs, Bart Scott), but the one constant has always been #52. The only identity that this team has EVER had rests solely on the shoulders and in the soul of one Ray Anthony Lewis. Ozzie, find a way to make it work.

Reunited and it good?

Several years after they were supposed to be the next generation of Stockton/Malone, Starbury and KG just might be about to reunite...this time in Beantown according to reports. When he's on, Steph can be a problem for any defense. But already having a little man as a scoring threat (see Eddie House), I don't see how Steph fits in. Perhaps he can take the role that Sam I Am took last year.

But back to Steph & KG. Since Steph's ugly departure from the Twin Cities , their careers have taken decidely different turns. But let's reflect on the good times with this gem...ALL NUDE.

Big Shot Bob to Cleveland = Championship?

So there are nasty rumors that Danny Ferry and company are trying to talk Big Shot Bob out of retirement. Add them to the Lakers & Celtics.It wouldn't surprise me if the Spurs get back into the mix too. Not so surprisingly, these are the 4 teams who are the odd-on favorites to play in/win the NBA Finals this year. For my money, if he decides to go to any of these teams, whatever team he goes to is your 2009 NBA champion. So what say you?

Bloody Sundays Coming to DC

Albert Haynesworth will be signing with the Redskins as soon as the free agent signing period begins. At least that's what some news outlets are reporting. This is GREAT news for the Redskins. They'll have arguably the best interior lineman in the league playing for them. NOT SO GOOD news for Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Romo. Most importantly, not so good for one Andre Gurode. They'll face off twice a year for probably the rest of their careers. Should make for must see TV on FOX Sundays and MNF.

The Best EVER

I'll be honest with you, growing up in the 80s Mike Tyson was my hero. Just like I didn't appreciate people making jokes about Shawn Kemp after he started to struggle, I absolutely HATED when people started to talk slick about Mike. Because I knew that when he was right, there was NOBODY who would dare say anything to him wrong. I was a GROWN man...a GROWN man...and I was almost reduced to tears when Mike Tyson quit in his last fight. I finally had to come to grips with the fact that he was finished. Either's my guy in all his splendor.

John Legend's Letter to the NY Post jokes about the Queen.

Here's what JL had to say to the Rupert Murdoch's of the world:

Open Letter to the New York Post

Dear Editor:

I'm trying to understand what possible motivation you may have had for
publishing that vile cartoon depicting the shooting of the chimpanzee that went
crazy. I guess you thought it would be funny to suggest that whomever was
responsible for writing the Economic Recovery legislation must have the
intelligence and judgment of a deranged, violent chimpanzee, and should be shot
to protect the larger community. Really? Did it occur to you that this
suggestion would imply a connection between President Barack Obama and the
deranged chimpanzee? Did it occur to you that our President has been receiving
death threats since early in his candidacy? Did it occur to you that blacks have
historically been compared to various apes as a way of racist insult and
mockery? Did you intend to invoke these painful themes when you printed the

If that's not what you intended, then it was stupid and willfully ignorant
of you not to connect these easily connectible dots. If it is what you intended,
then you obviously wanted to be grossly provocative, racist and offensive to the
sensibilities of most reasonable Americans. Either way, you should not have
printed this cartoon, and the fact that you did is truly reprehensible. I
can't imagine what possible justification you have for this. I've read
your lame statement in response to the outrage you provoked. Shame on you for
dodging the real issue and then using the letter as an opportunity to attack
Rev. Sharpton. This is not about Rev. Sharpton. It's about the cartoon being
blatantly racist and offensive.

I believe in freedom of speech, and you have every right to print what you
want. But freedom of speech still comes with responsibilities and consequences.
You are responsible for printing this cartoon, and I hope you experience some
real consequences for it. I'm personally boycotting your paper and won't
do any interviews with any of your reporters, and I encourage all of my
colleagues in the entertainment business to do so as well. I implore your
advertisers to seriously reconsider their business relationships with you as

You should print an apology in your paper acknowledging that this cartoon was
ignorant, offensive and racist and should not have been printed.

I'm well aware of our country's history of racism and violence, but I
truly believe we are better than this filth. As we attempt to rise above our
difficult past and look toward a better future, we don't need the New York
Post to resurrect the images of Jim Crow to deride the new administration and
put black folks in our place. Please feel free to criticize and honestly
evaluate our new President, but do so without the incendiary images and


John Legend

Here Here.

Sucker for Love

Now I've done some strange things for the sake of love in my lifetime. Really I have. And most of those things were done when I was younger. In the latest case of (in the tone of Al Michaels to Antonio Freeman) He Did WHAT?!?!, elite high school running back recruit, David Oku, is moving to Nebraska to live with a girl he met while on his recruiting trip. Unlike many of his peers, Oku has yet to sign with a school. So this should be good news for Nebraska right? Notsomuch.

Oku told Rivals that the move may not impact his recruiting.

``It doesn't mean since I moved up here I'll be going to Nebraska. I still got all of the other schools that I'm looking at."

He also told Rivals about the move and his parents:

"I'm moving to Nebraska," Oku said. "Go ahead can write a story about it. I'm not releasing any more information about that. I may not be living with her, or I might be living with her. I'm going be living in an apartment. They didn't buy me a house.''


Forgot About Dre'

Marshall Mathers said it best:
"Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothin comes out when they move they lips
Just a buncha gibberish
And muthaf*ckas act like they forgot about Dre

I mean, seriously, these NFL talking heads are killing me. Clearly, they forgot about this, this, and this.

You've got 3 years of tape on the guy playing against some of the best defensive ends in the country and he's dominated since the day he stepped on campus at the age of 18. During that span, he only missed 3 games (2 due to injury and 1 due to suspension). Other than that, this guy's been a model citizen. And last season, he gave up ONE sack all season. The eye in the sky does not lie. Mark my words. Despite how much heat he's taken over the past couple of days, 10 years from now, Andre Smith will be the cream of the crop of this year's offensive linemen.