Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The NFL Draft Revisited

Several teams did a lot to help themselves out in this year's NFL draft. I'll tackle them as they come to mind.

  • The Denver Broncos took Maurice Clarett with the last pick of the 3rd round of the NFL draft. Mike Shanahan knows how to make a RB look good. Their system produces Pro Bowl backs every year. Clarett got bad reviews on all of his pro day performances. This is the thing: Playing football has NOTHING to do with all of the crap that they have them doing. Clarett will be a GOOD football player for many years in the NFL.
  • I think my NINERS are gonna have to show me a lot more. I appreciate them drafting Frank Gore,and I hope he can overcome his learning disabilities and help this franchise turn around its fortune.
  • I'm gonna stick to my guns and say what I said at the end of last season. Detroit is going to the SuperBowl. If you can't get it done with the three top receivers out of college in the last three years (all over 6'4" with amazing leaping ability) and a solid running game (Kevin Jones), a QB who knows the system so well that he went to 3 pro bowls in it (Jeff Garcia), and another QB who's been improving in the system for the past 3 years (Joey Harrington) then something is TERRIBLY wrong.
    I like what Baltimore did (I always like what they do in the draft). I'm glad that they got a QB to sit Kyle Boller down. Derek Anderson is a lot better than people are making him out to be. In fact, the top QB's taken will bust. (Hopefully not Alex Smith since he's on my team). But guys like Kyle Orton of Purdue and the big kid from UConn are gonna really turn heads in the league.
  • I hate that Adrian McPherson went to New Orleans. That's the absolute WORST place for a kid to be when he's trying to turn things around. The city is full of temptations and the organization is NOT committed to winning. Oh they compete. But they're not making the right moves to seriously compete.
  • Chicago did a great job in the draft. Benson will be a great back there, but people tend to forget that Thomas Jones had an outstanding job last year, and Anthony Thomas did a good job in relief. Should be interesting to see how that works out.
  • Cleveland drafted QB Charlie Frye from Akron, and he is another QB who's gonna be an excellent NFL player that didn't get picked very high. He has some players around him. They just got Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow II is there (don't know if Cleveland's big enough for both of their egos), and they have Antonio Bryant who was Larry Fitzgerald before Larry Fitzgerald. They came from the same system (Pitt Panthers), and Bryant won the Bilitnekoff (sp?) award two years in a row (nation's top receiver). He got shipped out of Dallas because he wouldn't let Parcells run him in the ground. He's gonna be great in Cleveland if somebody can get him the ball.

I forgot who else I wanted to break down, but I'll get to it at some point or the other.

Peace & Blessings,