Sunday, March 19, 2006

T.O. to Dallas

Jerry Jones is a genius. I'm a die-hard 49er fan, so it's my birth rite to hate the Cowboys. However, I can't see WHY in the world so many Dallas fans are trippin about TO coming to Dallas. He makes the Cowboys an INSTANT Super Bowl contender. Forget what he's done off the field. Don't you think that there's some kind of clause in his contract (after all the stuff he did in Philly) that will limit all that extra????? I mean, for real. Have you never seen this dude play?!?!?!? Surely, the Cowboys fans have. In his 5 trips to Texas Stadium on other teams, he's put up 33 catches, over 700 yards receiving and 7 TD's. In 5 games!!!! That's unreal. Especially with the bulk of that coming on a Monday night game in Dallas with 11 catches for 184 yards and 3 TD's. When it gets down to it, the only thing that matters is what goes on between those two chalk lines. And I dare ANYONE to show me a player that plays with as much passion as Terrell does. He plays EVERY down, he plays hurt (check Super Bowl 39), and no matter what's going on off the field, he makes it happen on the field (just watch tape of the Denver game from this past year when the situation with him and Donovan was REALLY brewing).
And the fans care more about that dumb stuff that he does off the field than the players do. Drew Bledsoe's comment about signing T.O. says everything that you need to know. "I just became a better QB without ever throwing a pass." That's what TO brings to Dallas. Everybody's complaining now, but I'll give it 3 weeks before everybody's ready to give him the key to the city.