Friday, June 12, 2009


WOW!! It's been almost a month since I posted up here. But I'm back (at least for now). So what's been going on?

In Sports:

Looks like LA is gonna go ahead and dust Orlando off

Not only is the homie Mike Vick back on them streets, but the Falcons have released him, which, in my estimation, makes it easier for him to resume his career in the NFL. I thought they'd hold on to him in hopes for a trade. Apparently, they tried but couldn't find any suitors. It's all good. We got plenty of room in Frisco, Vick. Come through!!

The Stanley Cup Finals have probably been the best in a while (not that I've seen them myself. I just heard about it from Barry Melrose and others).

In Entertainment:

Apparently, Bill didn't kill himself. In any event, he was 72 years old. What a heck of a way to go: in Bangkok, no less.

Madge is finally able to adopt another Black baby...(what if I, and other Black people, just start going over to Eastern Europe adopting babies as Steve Harvey suggested? Would that make it cool?). I'm kidding. I think what Madonna (and other celebs who are adopting these children) is doing is great for these kids. ANY time you have the means to make a difference in a child's life, I'm all for it. Thanks for your resiliency, Madge, regardless of your motives.

One more feather in the cap for those delusional people who think gay is the new Black. Apparently, it's not cool to say you don't agree with homosexuality. Is what it is.

Blues great, Koko Taylor, took it to the house.

And, finally, Sonny & Cher's daughter wants to become a man. To each his/her own.

In News/Politics:

In Politics:

These busters just keep finding ways to hate on President Obama. Typical. Either way, the man just keeps it pushing.

The Iranian people are turning out en masse to vote. Great to see democracy all over the world. I just hope that there are no shenanigans/tampering (i.e. USA 2000 or USA 2004).

Gov. Sarah Palin tries to remain relevant. Good luck with that.

The chip on N. Korea's shoulder grows by the second. Just sit down, already, Il!!

And in the hood....

The hood is still the hood. Always has been. Always will be.

Have a happy Friday everybody.