Friday, October 8, 2010

Brett Favre's VoiceMail Love

For those of you who haven't heard, on yesterday, the good folks over at broke a story about Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre leaving voicemails and sending cell phone pics of....ahem..."Little Brett" on a sideline reporter for the New York Jets named Jenn Sterger (photo below, courtesy of during his time with the Jets. (Here's the link to Brett's "situation", also courtesy of

No comment on the pics (of Brett or Ms. Sterger), but the audio of Brett's message to the lady can be heard below:

First off, you're married dude. C'mon son. Secondly, why are you leaving REPEATED voicemails?

Now, granted, Brett is fairly older than me. But when I was coming up, there certain love protocol. Admittedly, this was before cell phones, so the only voicemails you could leave were on answering machines, which meant everyone in the house could hear it. You didn't want that. What you DID want, though, and what Brett SHOULD have done is just let some music play over the voicemail.

I know it sounds corny, but this method is tried & true. If there's a young lady you like, and you all are at the point where you've just run out of words, you just subtly let an appropriate song play in the background and let the crooner do the talking for you.

As evident from him stumbling all over his words in the voicemails, here are a couple of suggestions that Brett could've used :

And if that was too strong or if she didn't respond, there's no way he can go wrong with this one:

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