Monday, May 10, 2010

Blame It (On the Goose)..

Or Stand By Your Man...whichever chart-topping song you want to use here. Just read the article below that says Grey Goose (yes...they specifically named the drink) made a woman think she was bulletproof...

and thus, she stood between a police officer's drawn gun and her boyfriend.

"However, his girlfriend, fueled by Grey Goose, apparently believed she
might be bulletproof, as she stood between the officers and the suspect and
ignored orders to move," according to the police account.
As officers tried
to hold the suspect at gunpoint the woman continued to place herself between her
boyfriend and the police. Eventually, another officer was able to pull the woman
away so the suspect could be arrested.

You need someone like this on your team. That's a down chick. I know my wife loves me, but I doubt she'd take it that far.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Under-Aged Bristol Palin Clubbin in NY

The one downside to being the child or relative of a public figure, especially a political figure, is that someone is ALWAYS watching. And in Bristol's case, she (and her, then, unborn child) were thrust into the limelight at a knee-jerk pace. Read below to see her latest.

Miss Palin may have spent Wednesday morning celebrating the National Day to
Prevent Teen Pregnancy — but she spent Wednesday evening fretting that her cover
would be blown at NYC hot spot 1Oak.
"Bristol was there around 1
a.m. with friends," a partygoer says. "She was trying to have fun, but she
looked like she was terrified that people would recognize her and start gawking.
It seems like she couldn't even relax." A second denizen of the club
backed up the sighting.
We can't blame Bristol for being nervous: After
spending all day at events like "The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All" — and
tirelessly promoting her new good-girl image — showing up at a 21-and-over venue
may not have been the best idea.

And things like this really may hurt her mother's chances of being anything other than an ex-governor, talk show host, and author. But then again, Bill Clinton's brother was a Klansman and George W. Bush's daughters got slushed on the regular in public (got it from daddy) and they both served two terms. So hey...this might actually help her cause.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is This What's Hot in the Streets?

Been a while, but I'm BACK! (Who knows for how long, though?) My comeback was inspired by something that I saw on these internets that really took me aback. So.....this guy, the letter below for yourself.

I have several questions: 1) I've admittedly been out of the love letter writing business for at least 12 years or so, but is this what's hot in the streets?!?! 2) Is my man writing this from jail? 3) Is this really a guy? The penmanship screams female. 4) What's really going on with the English & Grammar teachers in the Denver [as he referenced in the letter] school systems? Not one punctuation. Sentences were running on like traffic with no stop signs. 5) Is it possible to be in love with someone, but still want to meet their "little freaky a$$ friend"?, and finally 6) Dude, are you serious?!?

I'm no Heathcliffe Huxtable, but I don't fancy myself as the dad from the Wonder Years either. But if I EVER find something like this written to my daughter or written to some young lady from my son, please trust that I'll be arrested for assault.